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What Is A GREENHOUSE Tunnels

A greenhouse (also called a glasshouse, or, if with sufficient heating, a hothouse) is a structure with walls and roof made chiefly of transparent material, such as glass, in which plants requiring regulated climatic conditions are grown. These structures range in size from small sheds to industrial-sized buildings. A miniature greenhouse is known as a cold frame. The interior of a greenhouse exposed to sunlight becomes significantly warmer than the external temperature, protecting its contents in cold weather.

Many commercial glass greenhouses or hothouses are high tech production facilities for vegetables, flowers or fruits. The glass greenhouses are filled with equipment including screening installations, heating, cooling, lighting, and may be controlled by a computer to optimize conditions for plant growth. Different techniques are then used to evaluate optimality-degrees and comfort ratio of greenhouse rate (for example, air temperature, relative humidity and vapor pressure deficit) in order to reduce production risk prior to cultivation of a specific crop.


We have been in the Greenhouse business for long and continue to deepen our roots in these and similar projects.


Greenhouse Farming Pros

  • Increase in yields
  • Optimal conditions for plants
  • Protection against wind
  • Protection against droughts
  • Pest control
  • Ability to plant exotic plants
  • Job opportunity
  • Increase in profits
  • Crop harvest all year long
  • Protection from animals


Roll-up Side Hardware

Climate control becomes increasingly important for any covered growing system, as high temperatures, spikes in humidity, water retention, and more can become issues. Installing roll-up sides for your structure is likely the lowest cost option to efficiently vent your structure and control interior air temperatures. Below are the main hardware components you will need to install roll-up sides.



Irrigation in a High Tunnel

Depending on what you are growing in your high tunnel, there are a good number of ways to effectively supply the right amount of water to your plants.

Row Crops in a High Tunnel enjoy a relatively weed-free environment when watered with Aqua-Traxx drip tape. Tape has been the product of choice for commercial farmers and backyard gardeners for years. Easy to install, it effectively delivers a uniform distribution of water for rows up to hundreds of feet long. Depending on the needs of your crops, Emitter Tubing and Soaker Dripline (limited by row length) are two other possibilities in a greenhouse or high tunnel.

Cut Flower Production can be aided with overhead irrigation using the Ein Dor Mini Sprinkler or the Inverted Mini Wobbler. Both of these small sprinklers can be installed into tubing or PVC pipe and hung upside down from above. Trellis wire running down the center of the tunnel’s length will act as a support to which the pipe or tubing can be affixed. The Inverted Mini Wobblers cover a fairly large area, so one or two may be enough for your entire greenhouse or high tunnel. On the other hand, multiple Ein Dor Mini Sprinklers will be required to cover that same area. Ein Dor Mini Sprinklers.

Seed Propagation Beds will benefit from using the 4-Way Fogger with Anti-Drip. This versatile product is great for seed propagation, leafy greens, or general greenhouse and high tunnel humidification. The anti-drip feature prevents dripping on delicate seedlings after the system shuts off. The Tornado Mister and the Cool Breeze Misting Nozzle are also good products that will do the job. All of these misters can be attached to mainline tubing suspended overhead in various ways or threaded into our 12″ or 18″ Rigid Riser stakes connected to a line (at table level).

Container Stock can be effectively watered with the aid of the Woodpecker Multi-Outlet Dripper Assembly, allowing you to split the flow of one Woodpecker emitter into 4 or 8 containers. In rows of large containers, Pressure Compensating Shrubblers will provide uniform coverage.

So whether you’re looking to provide an ideal environment for your row crops or just extend your growing season, Drip works has the high tunnel greenhouse and all the products you need to make that dream come true.


Greenhouse Tunnels

Growing in a greenhouse tunnel, or hoop house, provides an easy and cost-effective way to establish greater control over your growing environment and extend your growing season. Ideal for vegetables, small fruit, cut flowers and more, the greenhouse tunnel structure will enhance your crop yield, quality and profitability by up to 50%. Customize your growing shelter and choose your own covering with micron plastic or shade netting .Tunnels give protection from wind, rain, disease and pests. 

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Greenhouse Tunnel Interior


Multi Greenhouse Tunnels

Multi-span design commercial Greenhouse structures combine a versatile design and cost-effective starting position or addition for a wide range of growing environments. The shape of the arches allows for excellent light transmission. We offer various standard widths and wall heights to focus on flexibility and the practical use of both the growing space and environmental conditions. At Greenhouse Tunnels Company we can adapt to any and every project; focusing on individual client needs and budget.

Tips For Temperature Control in your growing environment.

Greenhouses require proper temperatures for optimal growth and production. Temperatures that are too high or too low will reduce photosynthesis, which is the ability of the plant to make food for itself and fuel growth. Controlling temperature with environmental control computers is the most accurate, especially with larger growing operations. Here are five tips for providing and maintaining proper temperatures:
  1. Properly size your HVAC system. For indoor grow rooms, sizing the HVAC system is critical to handle the heating and cooling loads you will get once you start growing plants in those rooms. Controlling air temperature with enough air movement and dehumidification can be hard to do when you are also trying to get the most plant density out of every room.
  2. Have enough heating and cooling capacity for your greenhouses. For greenhouse production, make sure you have enough heating capacity to handle winter conditions. Heating under the crop is more efficient than heating the air above. Having cooling capacity is also critical during summer weather. Whether you have natural ventilation, fan-assisted natural ventilation or pad and fan cooling, you need to make sure you can provide enough cooling during the hottest and sunniest weather to maintain those desired growing temperatures.
  3. Install horizontal air flow (HAF) fans. Especially in indoor grow rooms, these fans are essential to help with air flow that helps distribute temperature more evenly throughout the crop and breaks up microclimates around all leaves for better gas exchanges, in addition to helping control powdery mildew. Try to avoid “dead air” zones (without airflow) within your rooms or greenhouse zones. Fans located too high above the crop do not provide enough air movement within the crop, but fans located too close to crops will adversely affect your ability to manage moisture levels.
  4. Use shade curtains during high-light and high-temperature months. Shade nets typically are designed for 30% to 50% light reduction and should be closed during the brightest and hottest hours of the day. If there is no retractable shade curtain inside the structure, whitewash can be sprayed over the greenhouse roof to act as a shade curtain until you need to wash it off when fall weather approaches.
  5. Measure temperature correctly. Try to locate environmental control sensors closer to the crop and in the center of the zone. Measuring temperature over a 24-hour period is what we call average daily temperature and is the most important temperature measurement for growth. You can also measure leaf temperature with a digital infrared thermometer to determine when to close the shade net.

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